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31 January 2023
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Anna, Children’s Rep

Anna is one of our newest recruits, joining ‘The Zone’ on Queen Elizabeth 5 months ago. Here she shares what it’s been like working on board.

Why did you decide to work as a children’s rep?
Working on a cruise ship is different to any other job I have had but what a fantastic experience it is. I decided to apply for the role because not only does it allow me to continue to work with children (which I enjoy) but I also get the chance to see the world!

What is a typical day like?
A typical day can be a busy one. After a short walk to the Youth Department (The Zone), the initial task is to ensure the activities that have been planned by the Youth Manger and the room are set up for the children. Once the sessions begin, the time flies by because you are busy spending time getting to know the children and most importantly playing and engaging with the young guests. There are lots of different activities scheduled throughout the day with some larger game show activities that are very fun to host. In addition to these, during the free flow time, one minute you may be playing a card game, joining in on a games console or being creative at the arts and craft table. Everything we do throughout the day is just to make children’s holiday as fun and enjoyable as possible – it’s great when you hear that they cannot wait to return when we open for the next session!

What do you get up to in your down time?
Although working onboard is an enjoyable and rewarding job, it can also be tiring so embracing the down time we get is very important. When we are in port, I really enjoy having the chance to get off the ship and explore different places around the world. The different experiences I have had are amazing with highlights being visiting the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore and having the chance to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge! Not only is it great to have the opportunity to do these once in a life time experiences but often just walking around and taking in the local sights and culture is a great experience. I do like to socialise with people from other departments be that after work or in port. However, sometimes a film or a good book is what is needed after a busy day at work.

What was the recruitment process like for you?
The recruitment process is very thorough, can sometimes feel long but overall is straight forward. The team shoreside kept me well informed of the process and the next steps I needed to take to ensure I had all the required paperwork and visas. It is important to be organised throughout this process because once you have everything complete, you could find yourself on a ship sooner than you expected.

Are there progression opportunities once on board?
Career progression opportunities are frequently advertised onboard with instructions on how to apply. It is often important that you have completed at least one contract onboard before applying but it is great to see so many achieving their career goals whilst working for a company who really do value their crew.

Do you have any recommendations or advise for anyone who is interested in joining our Youth Team?
I would say just go for it! The world is a huge place and having the chance to explore it is something I will never take for granted.

It sounds like you’re having a great time Anna and enjoying some amazing experiences at work and during your down time. Thank you for all your hard work!

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