Captain’s Log, July 2023 – Cunard Careers
An exclusive look at Queen Anne for our 183rd birthday
4 July 2023
Celebrating Afternoon Tea Week
7 August 2023

Captain’s Log, July 2023

As the countdown to one of the most eagerly anticipated ships of the century edges closer, we’ll be giving sneak peeks of Queen Anne’s progress… from the person who knows her best, Captain Inger. 

EVERY arrival at the yard over the past couple of months has been more exciting than the last!

Since her float out, Queen Anne has been moved from a construction dock to a fitting out basin nearby.

And, as her new location suggests, the fitting out phase is in full swing.

Each time the project has entered a new phase, I have been amazed by the scale and pace of the change.

Now, what for weeks have been bare metal walls, ceilings and walkways are being transformed as many of the ship’s stunning spaces are brought to life with the beautiful design and décor, which I know will become a hallmark of the ship.

The design story

It’s all a testimony to the imagination and skill of our design team David Collins Studio, Richmond International and Sybille de Margerie.

Their collaboration is creating a modern approach to the venues, suites, and décor. Their portfolios already include luxury hotels, spas, restaurants, and bars as well as high end yachts, and private grand residences.

All that experience – not to mention skill and attention to detail – is now emerging on Queen Anne. And it is stunning.

Passing through the Queens Room, it is easy to imagine the magnificent spectacle of Afternoon Tea (served by our white-gloved waiters and waitresses of course!) being enjoyed by the accompaniment of a string quartet.

And, nearby, our on board boutiques will offer a very exclusive retail experience for our guests who will be able to browse beautiful goods from many of the world’s most famous luxury brands.

Perhaps the most striking transformation in recent weeks has been in the Royal Court Theatre.

There is now no mistaking the beautiful design and layout of this fantastic space.

The theatre spans two decks and will seat more than 800 guests in supreme comfort. As you would expect, the theatre designers, Richmond International, are tracking progress with very keen interest. They tell me they have been influenced by some of the great sound halls of the world.

I can’t wait to take to the stage here to welcome our guests on board. And when I do, I know that everyone in the audience will have a superb view thanks to the perfect sightlines achieved by our designers.

Guest spaces

There are two distinct workstreams underway on board Queen Anne – and they pretty well mirror how we will run the ship when she finally becomes our new Cunarder.

On the hotel side, as well as the work in the large public rooms, things are certainly taking shape on Queen Anne’s accommodation decks.  Guest accommodation on Queen Anne will be breath-taking.

Our designers have excelled themselves to produce suites and staterooms of exceptional style and comfort.

Our Queens Grill Grand Suites, designed by David Collins Studio, represent the apex of luxury accommodation at sea.

The Princess Grill Suites, designed by Sybille de Margerie, include pattern wall panels inspired by the flowing lines of Cunard’s past liners. These features promise to be wonderful reminder of our history and heritage – in our newest and most exciting ship.

Each of these suites is manufactured to Cunard’s very exacting and highest standards, before being installed on board by a team of highly skilled engineers.

Once in situ and constructed with all the necessary plumbing and wiring, each stateroom is given the luxury treatment – with furniture, carpets, TVs, and artwork all subsequently installed piece by piece.

Once completed, and tested, each stateroom is given a thorough quality assessment so that we know our Queen Anne guests will receive the uniquely iconic Cunard experience. Precision is absolutely imperative, and seeing the development of the ship’s accommodation, room by room, deck by deck, is truly impressive – just like every other aspect of Queen Anne!

On the technical front, the huge job of connecting all the ship’s systems is a mammoth task. So too is all the work required to equip my new office – the bridge!

We are looking forward to starting the ship’s engines for the first time so there is a huge focus on both the engines and the engine room.

Of course, much of this machinery is in the very lowest sections of the ship – and my ‘office’ will be at one of the highest points on board – so lots of cables running between the two places.

Since our float out, we have started to see more and more of Queen Anne as she will be seen by our guests.

I can’t wait for that big reveal!

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