Brand Values

Cunard is Refined

Today’s guest is looking for an experience that feels sophisticated and of the highest standard. The words ‘quality’, ‘style’ and ‘attention to detail’ are used a lot when people talk about luxury brands. The word Refined sums up all of this. Cunard is a brand that has a sense of style, sophistication, and elegance – with high quality standards and a precise attention to detail across everything we do.

We are REFINED. We serve with style and attention to detail.

Cunard is Thoughtful

Today’s luxury consumer wants the experience to be on their own terms. They want to be served as individuals. They want choice, flexibility, to feel cared for and to be understood. We use the word Thoughtful to capture this – Cunard is a brand that understands, cares for and respects the needs of our guests from all over the world.

We are THOUGHTFUL. We think and deliver with care and imagination.

Cunard is Charismatic

People want personality. They love to feel genuine connections with brands and treasure moments that feel unscripted. They have a thirst for new knowledge and a real desire to hear interesting stories. Cunard always has been full of charm, from the marketing advertising to the service we deliver. We are using the word Charismatic to describe how we need to continue to show through our warmth and captivating personality in everything we do.

We are CHARISMATIC. We speak and act with charm and confidence.

Cunard is Proud

Cunard is recognised and respected for our long heritage. Today’s guests desire well established distinct brands with an experience relevant for today. Proud perfectly sums up the feelings we all have towards this powerful brand of ours and describes how we will make sure it continues.

We are PROUD. We represent Cunard with passion and pride.